Mcbreakfast Lockdown

Lets face it, its been a shit few months, like many others I’ve been struggling to be productive during the Covid-19 Lockdown. I meant to upload a post at the beginning of March and even though it was ready to go it just didn’t feel right.

l didn’t want to post one of my planned pieces and ignore what was going on in the world, but to be completely honest l am sick of thinking and worrying about it constantly.

So I thought I would post something a little light hearted instead. I hope you enjoy.

Convenience Food

So many of my favourite (large chain) foodie places have closed during lockdown. Costa coffee, KFC, Nando’s, McDonald’s, to name a few. It might not sound like it but we don’t eat out often, but when you know you can’t you suddenly really want too.

One of my favourite naughty treats is a sausage, egg and cheese breakfast bagel from Mcdonald’s. My husband favours the McMuffin.

Of course McDonalds is currently closed in the UK so we won’t be getting one for awhile.


l enjoy cooking and experimenting so when hubs was talking about missing a McBreakfast, I took up the challenge to recreate it. I mean really how hard could it be?

*Note – About 2 days after I did this McDonald’s sent out an email with how to recreate their McMuffin, but I’m still going to tell you how I made mine. Because why not đŸ™‚ I you would like to see the McDonald recipe, just google it and you find 100’s of posts with the recipe. *

Everything I needed I already had which was great, because I wasn’t making a trip to the shops to queue for an hour just to make this.

Ingredients: (Serves 2)

  • 4 x sausages (But I turned a whole pack in to patties and froze the extra)
  • 2 x English Breakfast Muffin
  • 3 x Eggs
  • 2 x American Cheese Slices
  • 1 large potato

My Method

First step was to make the sausage patties, which is super easy. I had sausages in the fridge so I de-skinned them and put the meat in a bowl; gave them a quick mash with my hands to combined them all together. I then weighed out 60g portions and stuck each portion in my burger press. If you don’t have a press don’t worry you can just flatten them into a patty shape using your hands. I was given my press as a Christmas present and you can pick them up easily online if you like the idea of making your own burgers.

Kitchen Craft Quarter Pound Burger Press with 100 Wax Discs, White ...
This is the burger press I have

I put the burgers to one side and started work on the hash brown. I took a potato and grated it, simple. Press out as much starchy water as you can with some paper towel, then crack an egg in to the mixture, season with salt and pepper, mix and pop to one side.

I heated up two pans, in an attempt to try to be a bit more healthy (bit of a long shot with this kind of meal, I know), I shallow fried the hash browns. These take longer then the muffin, so I started here. I put about 1.5cm of oil in a pan and heated it up. I put in my hash brown mixture and used a wooden spatula to form it in to the same shape as the McDonald ones. I gave them about 3-4 minutes on each side then turn the heat down and started on the muffin. Remember as you are cooking the rest to keep flipping the hash browns or they will burn.

I put my muffins in the toaster and added 2 patties and 2 eggs to my other frying pan all at once. As my patties were thin they did not take long to cook. After about 3 minutes on one side I flipped the patties over and then once my eggs were cooked so was everything else

*Disclaimer – cooking times will vary please always check that meat is fully cooked before eating*

Time to construct

Bottom muffin buttered, Sausage patty, egg, cheese slice, top muffin also buttered. Hash Brown on the side.

Now I have no idea what order McDonalds put there’s in but to me I thought this was the most logical. Do you agree? How you would have put yours together?

It tasted fantastic, so good infact we had it two days in a row!!!

What are you favourite foodie treats? Have you thought about making them for yourself at home? If so I would love to see pictures!

If there is something you love to eat but not sure how to make it give me a shout, I’m no expert but two heads are better then one and I’m sure we could try and work it out together.

I hope you are all looking yourselves and others by following the government guidelines.

We are all in this together even if we feel lonely at times.

Stay safe,

Always x

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