Holiday Adventures: Part 1

I met my husband back in 2006. He had been on an amazing holiday previous to us meeting to Darwin, Australia. His grandparent had taken him and his cousin and he had loved it. 

Hearing how much he had loved his visit to a very small part of the country started to make me jealous. I wanted to go and see how wonderful it was. Problem is neither of us make loads of money in our jobs, we are not struggling, but neither are we rolling in extra money. So we started saving, and saving and saving. During that time we bought our first home, and needed to dip in to the savings once moved in to fix some problems we were not expecting. Then the saving began again.

After 5 years, I turned round to Mr and said next year we are both 30, let’s just do it, lets tighten our belts save as much extra as we can and go!

So we did

We researched where we wanted to go, what time of the year and we booked the flights!

That’s when it became real! It was happening. In 9 months time we would be flying to Australia, but we couldn’t go all that way with out also seeing another amazing place….New Zealand!

We would be flying from Heathrow to Hong Kong then on to Cairns for a wonderful week. After Cairns we would fly on to Sydney for another week and then on to New Zealand’s North Island for our last week before flying home.

So this is going to be a 4 part series, showing where we went and what we loved.

We booked our flights with STA Travel, we did a lot of at home research to see if we could get the flights cheaper, but the deal we got through STA we just couldn’t beat. We were also hiring a campervan for our time in New Zealand and they also sorted this out for us. Which came with a free ticket to somewhere we really wanted to visit in NZ (not giving anything away, you’ll have to read part 4). All in all we were happy with the deal and service we got from STA.

We booked all our hotel’s our selves using a variety of sites to get the cheapest prices, booking.com, expedia, etc. and checked them out using trip advisor and google street view to get an idea of the location.

Some of the bigger day trips we wanted to do, we pre-booked, so that it wouldn’t have to come out of our spending budget when we were there and so we could pick the day and be sure that we could get on the trips.

So with everything booked we were ready to go, bit more saving for spending money to go but otherwise we were ready.

Come back for Part 2 to find out what we got up to in Cairns


Always Hungry Mum

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