Going in a new direction

Hello All,

I started my blog back in 2017 to keep track of my weightloss and exercise journey, but as time went on I was able to share my favourite recipes with you all and talk about issues affecting my life, good times and bad.

I hit pause in my blogging late 2018, I knew it was going in a new direction but I wasn’t sure how to do that. Do I change everything, start a new blog site or continue with what I have?

Lots has happened during my time away. My life has completely changed and I want to be able to share that with you all. So I have been spending sometime, revamping this site.

I want to share all parts of my life, the good the bad and the ugly. I will still be talking about health, fitness and weightloss but as the main focus of my life has shifted this will not be my total focus.

So why has my life changed so much, you might be asking?

Beginning of 2018, my husband and I discussed starting a family, this was one of the main reasons for wanting to lose weight, that and our once in a life time holiday to Australia and New Zealand later that year.

We knew we didn’t want to get pregnant before our holiday (I wanted to be able to fully enjoy myself) which gave me most of the year to focus on my weightloss journey.

Off we went in September and we had an amazing time (holiday blog is coming soon) and we started trying to get pregnant. Nothing happened for a few months but on the 9th November 2018 we found out we were pregnant!!!!


This is going to be our first child and we are definitely learning as we go along, we are just waiting now to meet our little one (at this point I am over due by 9 days).

I want to share with everyone the ways my life has changed, the things we have learnt and also trying to continue to be me while also learning to be a mum. As much as I can’t wait to meet our little bundle of joy I am also very nervous. I have never done this before I am an only child and have not really been around many babies in my life, so I will be learning from scratch.

I think it is natural to be nervous for all women no matter what experience or how many children anyone has had, every baby is going to be different. Being scared / nervous / worried does not mean that we are not also super excited too!

Many people have said to me are you excited and I have said “Oh yes, but I am also nervous” and most of the time people just reply with oh you’ll be fine. People don’t necessarily want to acknowledge the worry, but there is a lot of worry, not just for caring for the new arrival, but getting everything ready, changes your body goes through before, during and after, and money, to name a few.

I plan to talk about everything, and I hope that this will help other people realise that it is normal to feel high, low and everything in between.

As I am due well anytime now, I have pre-written blogs so we will be jumping into the past for a few months while we catch up again.

I hope you will all stay and follow my new journey and for anyone new welcome and I hope you enjoy.


Always Hungry Mum

Note: I pre-wrote this post to go up on Saturday 27th July, but on the Friday I was admitted into hospital and our little boy arrived a few days later. We are all happy and healthy.

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