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Turning 30

When I turned 29, I freaked out a little bit. This was the last year I would be in my 20’s, I would have to be an adult and a grown up when I turn 30, right?

table set up


I have been waiting for the moment when something clicks I feel like an adult. I have come to realise that, that feeling will never happen.

I am “grown up” and I am responsible when I need to be, but I enjoy my life now, far more then I did when I was younger. When you’re a teenage you are pressured to fit in with everyone else and like what they like, dress the same way and be normal. As I entered my 20s I was at uni, which I loved but it is a stressful time, I was working full time on no pay and studying full time too. As well as this the pressure to be and act like everyone else was still strong.

Having passed my university degree and qualified in my profession I started work, which for me, involved (and still does) long shift hours, in an highly emotional environment, and being legal responsible for my patients and my actions, which is scary and takes some getting used too.

In the last year I feel I have found myself, I have a small network of friends who I trust and adore like my family. I have found my niche at work and thoroughly enjoy it as well as the team I work in and my husband and I do more things together that we enjoy. The best part being, that we do things that we enjoy and not because we are expected to enjoy them.

So turning 30 was not scary at all.

me n cakeI decided to throw a party and celebrate, I have always loved the 40/50’s vintage style and last year having, started to learn swing jive with my husband, it seem to me to be the perfect theme for my party.


I did worry if people would enjoy it, as it is not the standard club/pub out for drinks birthday party that my friends tend to throw, but I need not have worried. Everyone took part, dressing up and even tried out the dancing, my husband did spend a good portion of the evening teaching basic steps to a lot of my girlfriends and even to some of the fella’s. Everyone loved that it was different from the normal and had so much fun.

If I have learnt anything from my 30 years on this planet it is to do more of what makes you happy. (Corny I know but true nonetheless) Why should we be like everyone else? Whats the fun in that?cake

Am I losing weight because of other people? NO

Do I go to swing jive classes because all my friends do? NO

Do a work in a low pay, highly stressful job because of others? NO

I do all these things for myself, they make me feel good and I enjoy them.

Yes I still enjoy doing many things that everyone enjoys doing but I am no longer scared of trying something different because no one else is or because they might laugh.

me n joeWhen I started Swing Jive I got many harmless jokes about me and my husband going swinging, and questions like do you have to put your car keys in a bowl? Even just a few years ago these jokes would have affected me and I would have probably stopped going or kept it secret because I didn’t like being talked about, even though there is no malice behind them. Now I can laugh back and even join in.

It does saddened me that I spent a large chunk of my life worrying about what other people thought (and I do still have this concern but it just doesn’t stop me now, but it is something that I had to go through to appreciate what I do and what I have now.

I think my 30’s are going to be amazing and I can’t wait to see what happens next.



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