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Where have I been?

As we all know you can have a well laid out plan and then something happens and poof! Bye Bye Plan.

I have been on holiday, a wonderful holiday and a long holiday (that’s all I will tell you for now, as there will be a blog on it). I had planned to pre-write a load of my blog posts and set them to go out while I was away.

Unfortunately the run up to my holiday was so busy that I just didn’t have time to do this. So instead I thought I would write some while I was on holiday, and to be fair on myself I did write one of my posts. What I didn’t think about was that I only had my old tablet and I was unable to edit photos on this to add to my post. So I still couldn’t post.

I arrived back a couple of weeks ago and I have had family and friend catch-ups, work and to be honest I still don’t feel I have come out of my relaxed holiday mood.

I have also let my Instagram page slide too!

I am here now though and I have a backlog of ideas to get going with and share with you all. I aim to be back to my fortnightly Monday post soon. You’ll have a new meal of the month, lifestyle change to talk though as well as the holiday and a special birthday to look forward to hearing about.



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