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Yoga and Crafting for the soul

Hello everyone,

Today’s blog is not really weight loss related but I still consider it to be health related.

For years I have concentrated heavily on the numbers on the scale and the fact that, that will make me happier. Don’t get me wrong, that number is still more important to me then it really should be. I know that being obsessed with the scales is a bad thing and it should be base on how you feel and I am far better than I used to be (I used to step on the scales 3 times a week, or more and now I just go to weigh in once a week), I have also stopped making myself feel bad if I put on or maintain. And although I have been to the gym and exercised I have only done it for the purpose of losing weight and not because I enjoy it.

So for the past few months I have been trying to think more about my mental health as well as my physical health (eating better). I have been seeing a Councillor, which began to help my through a stressful time, dealing with a family members health. From that we have been working on my own issue’s. The biggest being putting everyone else before myself, and taking far to much on myself so that others do not have to deal with the stress of it. In short I mother everyone and then break down because I am tired and empty and full of stress.

So as you may have gathered from the title I have started getting back in to two things that I used to do all the time. Yoga and crafting.

I have always been crafty, I have enjoyed making things since I was a little girl and that love has never stopped. Unfortunately I stopped making time for myself, so I didn’t have any time to do any crafts, I had far too much else going on. So I decided to try crochet, well technically I tried knitting first but I didn’t really enjoy it, then a friend of mine said try crochet instead, I did and I have become obsessed. I made my first thing the other day, a beret 🙂
It’s a bit tight and needs some adjusting but it looks like what its supposed to be so I am happy.

Now Yoga, I have never been very good at Yoga, I’m not very stretchy, but I used to go once a week, and it was an hour to myself and although I didn’t bend like everyone else I really enjoyed it. It also did wonders for my back pain, but the teacher changed and I just didn’t get the same feeling from the new one, so I left.
I tried to go back at the beginning of this year but the classes were always fully book and I can only go at certain times due to my work so it made it hard to fit in.
So last week I started following a You-Tuber and doing yoga at home and I really liked her programs. I have had to go back to basic’s because although I wasn’t bendy when I used to do it, not doing it for two or more years has made me even less bendy.

These aren’t big changes, the Yoga I plan to do 30 mins 2 -3 times a week and the crafting just when I feel like it, but it has already made a difference. Just taking some time to do something I want to do rather that thinking I can’t do that I have 100 other things to do.
I have let go a little and am sharing jobs with others, or just saying no I can’t take on anything else right now. Its not easy, I have to check myself everyday and think are you OK can you cope. I have to think, share and delegate your work you don’t have to do everything, they might not do it like you (I) would but that doesn’t mean it done wrong.

It’s not been easy but I’m getting there,



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