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Meal of the Month

Welcome to meal of the month, every month I will look back at the previous month and pick something that I loved, which I’ll share with you. This will be based on something I have cooked, either from a recipe or something of my own creation, it may be a big evening meal or something small like a snack.


This month my choice is ridiculously simple, but I have been loving it.

breakfast wrap done

Breakfast Wraps

I love a quick on the go breakfast and I normally grab a yogurt and fruit, but during June, I spent a week doing SP. With SP you focus on having protein and speed food on your plate. Same amount of syns, but you get an extra HeB. Not sure I would do it again as what I like about SW is how unrestricted it is and SP is far more restrictive.

Anyway slightly off subject, but when I was doing SP I had to re-think my breakfast and the breakfast wrap is what I came up with and I loved it!!

Now you can add what ever you like to your wrap, mine was very basic, ham (or bacon) and scrambled egg. Some days I added sausage. I made it the night before and wrapped it up tight (I was very proud they didn’t fall apart). I loved these so much I will continue to have them for my breakfast.

I’m not going to write out a recipe for this, its very basic but here is a quick how to guide:

  • Get a wrap (Weight watcher wrap for me as they are a HeB)
  • Put down your bacon ham or other meat
  • Make your scrambled egg (I add Worcestershire sauce and paprika to my mixture)
  • Add egg, wrap in and wrap your wrap in tin foil or cling film to keep it held together.

Simple and yummy.

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