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Body magic : Swing Dancing

For years I have been trying to get my husband to do some kind of dance class with me. The answer has always been no.


Last year we took my mother in law to a 1940’s event for her birthday. There was live music, singers and some wonderful dancers. This was the first time my husband showed any interest in wanting to dance, but he had seriously injured his ankle playing football a few weeks previously so nothing came of it.

It wasn’t till a few months following this once my husbands ankle had healed that I broached the subject again and to my surprise he agreed to come to the local class and see what it was like. It helped that the first class was free 🙂

Six months later and we are hooked! Our class is amazing, super relaxed, more like friends getting together and sharing tips.

I am not great when it come to exercising, I get bored at the gym and I always find excuses not to do it. As many of you who read my blog know, I am on Slimming World and they encourage exercise in the form of Body Magic.

They have different stages which slowly increases the amount of exercise you do and the idea being that you start to naturally incorporate it into your life and it just becomes something you do and not something you have to do.

Body magic
Image taken from Slimming World –

I have achieved my bronze and silver award and am now working towards my Gold. I love that I can include my Swing dancing and exercise together, it doesn’t feel like a work out as I am having so much fun.

Now that summer has started there are so many vintage events going on that we are constantly out dancing and enjoying ourselves. I still work out, doing some toning weights but dancing makes up the main part of my weekly exercise.


We are still very much beginners but it is lovely to have found something different that we both love doing.





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