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Week One – Success

As I promised last week here is my update on how my first week on Slimming world went.

You can probably tell by the title it was successful. I followed the plan and I rarely felt hungry. I ate mostly free foods and speed foods, I filled my lunch box up with fruit and snacked on that during the day when ever I felt hungry.

I started every morning with a hard boiled egg. I generally can’t eat breakfast as soon as I wake up so I bring my breakfast to work, but my mornings are usually very busy and by the time I actually get round to being able to eat it, it can be 10-11am. So I have been pre-boiling my eggs at the being of the week and having one straight when I get into work.

When I get round to breakfast I’ve been having fat free fromage frais with different fruit mixed in.

My lunches this week have all been the same, I meal prepped at the being of the week to save time. This week was roasted peppers and tomatoes mixed in with orzo pasta. This made a seriously yummy lunch all week.


Dinners varied between tuna steak, Beans on toast, Steak and home made chips, Pork stir fry and a mini roasted dinner. All big decent meals.



Eating all this food all week long along with extra little treats and syns, I really did not expect to lose any weight at all. But I did and I lost well. When I stepped on the scales at group on Saturday morning I lost 6lbs!!!! I was amazed, I also had to get my phone straight out and convert it into metric. I knew it was a lot but I have always dealt in kilograms so I really had no idea. Turns out it translated into 2.7kg!!!! That’s massive!!!

Now I am under no disillusion that this kind of weight loss will occur week after week. This week I have also been to the gym and been drinking lots of water to try to better my health. My system has also had the shock of eating in a new way for a week so I know next week won’t be as much (also its Easter and there is a lot of chocolate around).

Having said that I am very happy to have this result and to move past what has felt like an unpassable block in my weightloss journey.

As always I will continue to post updates on my Instagram page and in a month I will feedback on here how everything has been going.


Always Hungry

Starting weight:   102.7kg        16st 17lb

Current weight:   89.22kg        14st 0.5lbs

Goal weight:         70kg              11st

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