7 days being a vegetarian and where have I been?

Hi everyone it’s been a while!

I stopped posting and for what feels like ages. Thing is last summer I lost my grandad and I took it hard. I found it hard to control my weight as eating and my emotions are interlinked and I yo-yoed a lot. Even when I felt ready to start writing again I was still so up and down with my weight that I felt people would get bored with my posts.

I tried to push myself with a 21 day challenge….well that work for about a week, week and a half and then I went back to old habits. I never finished it.

I slowly put on everything I lost. I felt shit. So since Christmas I have been slowly getting my act together. I have an amazing holiday booked for later this year and I want to be comfortable. I definitely don’t want any chub rub! So that is what I am aiming for, to be comfortable in my body. I have a weight target in mind but no absolute date.

Even though I haven’t been posting on here I have been very active on Instagram. I have found that posting regularly helps me to stay on track and not have sneaky extras.

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I decided to go vegetarian for the week. We are heavy meat eaters and tend to think about the meat first and the veg as an afterthought. I am also very fussy with veg, I love salads but I don’t like many cooked veg so it was a real challenge for me.

I really enjoy the week. Found new ways to cook with vegetables and introducing them into sauces. I enjoyed it so much that after the 7 days were up I continued. My husband went straight back to meat he really missed it but I was happy. I had very little indigestion or heart burn and I was liking what I was eating. I lasted 10 days. After that my husband cooked me a valentines dinner that was heavy on meat. It was lovely and I feel I appreciated it more because I had had a break.

I have always said I would like to buy meat that has been responsible sourced, animals that have had happier lives and not so mass produced. The way we used to eat meat this would have cost a fortune, but I would like to go forward from this eating less meat, which I will appreciate more when I eat it and being more responsible about where my meat comes from.


Always Hungry

Starting weight: 102.7kg

Current weight: 91.3kg

Goal weight: 80kg

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