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21 Day Change Challenge 

The last month or so I have struggled to diet. Some weeks are great others are not so good. 

I alway feel tired, bloated and I am not sleeping very well at night. I think everything is related.

I recently saw a post on twitter “it only takes 21 days for it to become habit”

Now I haven’t found any science behind the number 21 but I do agree that if you start to force yourself to do something daily for X number of days after a while it’s not forced anymore it is just habit, part of you and your daily routine.

I got so good at dieting a few years ago that it wasn’t dieting anymore. My healthy choices were just good food that I ate, and I enjoyed going to the gym with my friend. We got to catch up and work out together, it was great. 

Things started to change when my friend moved so we could no longer gym together. I continued on my own for a while but didn’t enjoy it as much and eventually didn’t go. Then my husbands bad habits slowly started sneaking in. An extra chocolate bar in the evening, a sneaking takeaway moving from once a month to twice a month and then weekly. I am ashamed to say on occasion twice weekly. This was all very gradual over a period of a year and that became the norm. Until I started feeling down and unhappy about my body, losing breath walking upstairs or hills and not fitting into my favourite clothes. 

I have done well, getting some of it off but it isn’t habit yet, the old life is still habit so that leads me to my change challenge.

For the next 21 days I will:

  • eat within my calorie allowance, (No cheat days allowed during this time). 
  • Drink at least 2 litres of water a day
  • Exercise for 10 mins four times a week.

It’s not a lot, I know that but it is achievable. And when we achieve our goals it pushes us to do better and maybe go harder next time. If I set myself 30 minutes of  exercise everyday and didn’t achieve it I would start becoming annoyed with myself, putting myself down and likely eat more as a punishment. 

Baby steps to make a big change for the future.

I will post daily photos on my instagram and twitter so follow me there to see how I am doing. 

I will post a weekly update blog too.

Feel free to also join me with your own 21 day change challenge, make your own goals and tell me what they are, and how you are doing! 

Use the hashtag


Take Care,

Always Hungry 

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