B.S.E & Post Holiday Update

My husband once told me of a story from his childhood, when he suffered from B.S.E. When he was 7 year old he woke up with terrible stomach pains, he came downstairs to the living room where his parents were still up watching TV and practically crying told him mum how much he tummy hurt. He remembered that the doctor was called out and after talking to the doctor, he and his parents were informed that he had B.S.E. The doctor was trying not to laugh as he informed the worried parents the B.S.E stood for Biscuit Stuffing Explosion. Turn out my husband had managed to eat his way through a whole packet of biscuits in a short amount of time and was now paying the price for it. Everyone laughed apart from my husband.

So why am I tell you this slightly amusing story? 

Well I returned from my holiday the other day and there was no food in the house, so husband and I made a quick stop at the local shop and grabbed a few nice nibbly snack to munch on during the day. Since I had been dieting I decided to buy peanuts as a treat as I try to stay away from them on the diet.

I got a bit addicted and I ate the whole packet, and it wasn’t a small packet either.

My god did I have a bad tummy that night. I was in so much pain, I felt like I should start snacking on indigestion tablets. It reminded me of my husbands story and I finally understood how that pain could be very scary for a 7 year old. It was horrible for me as an adult. Hubby now says I have had P.S.E (peanut stuffing explosion).

Post Holiday Update

We had a lovely holiday, I wasn’t as careful on the diet as I had planned to be. We took pack lunches with us most days and these were a treat as we had sandwiches! (I generally try to stay away from bread). We would have dinner out some evenings and everywhere we went the portions were huge! and tasted amazing.

But we did a lot of walking, the area was beautiful and had so many nice walks so we did a lot of exercise. I weighed when we returned and I had put on 1.5kg but considering the amount of food we ate I was actually quite happy with this, the walking definitely helped.

What I was not happy with ……

We came back part way through last week; gone straight back to work so hadn’t had time to do a proper food shop and meal plan. So I have been popping in to the shop each evening to grab something for that evening and it hasn’t been healthy or tracked. I weighed on Friday and had put on a further half a kilo. That shouldn’t have happened and I am disappointed in myself.

So I am going to say that thing that all dieters say at least 10 times or more during their diet journey.

Going to draw a line under it and start a fresh tomorrow 🙂

Sometimes accidents happen, I cant go back and change last week but I can change this coming week. I have already made a meal plan and done my online food order so I already feel more in charge of myself.

Will fill you in on how that goes next week.

Always Hungry x

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