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Did I Do It?

In my last post I wrote about how I had set myself a time target to reach 90kg by Friday. I had booked in to have a reward of eyelashes extensions to reward myself and this would all fall in place before I go on holiday. If I didn’t reach that target I was going to cancel my appointment.

So did I do it…….


Yes I did!!! Not only did I get down to 90kg I went past it!!! I am so happy. I don’t feel like I am seeing a difference in my body shape yet. I am starting to feel a difference though, when I put certain items of clothing on, that were tight in specific areas, they are feeling looser and not as clingy which is great.

So I am off on holiday next week and I don’t think I will be posting till I come back. I am looking forward to having a break, I am aiming to try to stay to the plan but still enjoy myself. I’ll let you know how that went next week.

Always Hungry


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