Targets: Good or Bad

So I didn’t post last week….I was a bit down and disappointed in myself and couldn’t bring myself to write about it at the time.

I have set myself targets and rewards. I feel it is important to reward yourself during your weight loss journey. It is so easy to get annoyed at yourself when you do badly but we forget to treat ourselves and give praise especially non food related praise.

So far all of this is good and positive. Unfortunately I did something stupid, I put a date on my target. I decided that when I hit my next milestone 90kg that I would get eyelash extensions, I was recommend someone but because she is very good at it she is also always fully booked. So I had to book in advance, the idea being if I don’t hit my target I cancel the appointment.

I was doing really well with my weight loss and I started getting really excited about my reward, it is also just before I go on holiday so extra incentive.

Last week I weighed and I had put on 200g, I hadn’t been that good the week before. Although I had tracked I had forgotten how many calories are in alcohol and with the weather being so nice I had been out and drank …quite a bit.

I was so disappointed with myself, I only had a week to lose 1.5kg. Some people find setting dates motivating and helps to push them. And I find this too, to a point. The problem is if you don’t meet your target when you want to, what then? Do you shrug it off and set a new date, or does it make you miserable.

I would become miserable (although I am sure going on holiday will help :)). I am working really hard this week, taking great care with what I am eating. We will see at the end of this week whether it pays off.

Targets are a great form of motivation but please note yourself what do you find motivating and do what works for you. Dieting is hard enough with out making it hard on ourselves.

Take care,
Always Hungry

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