Online Shopping?

Why do I shop online?

I have terrible self control, especially when I am hungry. If I do my shopping online I don’t have the temptation of all this lovely food around me.

A little while ago I had to go into the supermarket to return a handheld vacuum, I was with my husband, it was past lunch time and we hadn’t eaten yet.
We are both over weight and we are terrible together when it comes to impulse food.

“Sharing packet of crisp each, which we say we won’t finish in one sitting but of course we always do”

We had been out all morning and had only had a small breakfast, it was already nearly 2pm so we were both hungry. I had only been back on the diet for a week and a half.
My husband wondered around the shop looking at all the lovely cheesy bread rolls and beautiful quiche’s that seemed to be double in calories than the normal ones. I felt like I was in hell, I was getting hungrier and hungrier looking at all this food, and felt I was going to snap and eat all of it.

But bless him…… when he saw how uncomfortable I was trying not to go on a food rampage we picked up what we needed and went home for our late lunch (a beautiful homemade salad, with hot chicken and pouched egg)

“I hate not being in control, but my body always seems to crave food”

I worried about this once having blood tests at the doctors in case I had a thyroid disorder, but no I was fine just food obsessed.

As the weeks have gone on, my system has settled a little. If i’m not hungry I can walk away but as my opportunities for shopping is after work, which is generally a hungry time for me, it is not worth it.

But it isn’t just my lack of self control….

I also can’t stand spending 2 hours walking round a supermarket, with all the other people getting in the way pushing or leaving shopping trolleys in the middle of the aisle. It takes me 20 minutes online and I can do it in my PJ’s watching TV!!!

It has also made a huge difference in my food waste and reduced my monthly spend aswell! I do my shop on a Sunday evening and collected it on my way home from work Monday evening. While I am doing my shop I create my meal plan for the week and it gives me an idea what I need to buy and what I don’t.

Anything that saves me money and helps to trim my waist line is good by me 🙂

Always Hungry

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