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Was meant to post on Friday, but unfortunately I ran out of time and the weekend was just too busy, Sorry.

So Friday I weighed and with that I lost the weight that I had annoyingly put on last week. I was really happy, back on track. When I put in my weight on to my tracker I was greeted with a Milestone congratulations.

milestoneMy initial reaction was to completely ignore this milestone. It meant nothing.

This might seem a strange reaction to you, I mean it’s 10kg that’s a lot. And you are right it is a lot, but I didn’t feel as though I deserved this right now or that I had really lost 10kg.

You see my journey started about 3 years ago. I went on holiday with my family to the South of France and it was hot, very hot! Before this I hadn’t really thought much about my weight, my clothes had gotten tighter but I ignored it, blaming the washing machine for tightening my jeans.
During the holiday though I broke down, every photo of me I looked terrible, my thighs spilled out of my shorts so I only wore maxi dresses trying to cover everything, but then my thighs rubbed together and were sore and red raw.
I realised that since getting married I had let my weight creep up and up and nothing I had actually fitted me, I was uncomfortable and very unhealthy. I decided something had to change!

I returned home and weighed myself, something I had not done for at least a year. I think I may have even had to go out and buy some scales.

I was 102.7kg!

I was mortified, TRIPLE digits, it couldn’t be possible!! But it was no matter how many times I stood on the scales.

I did really well on my diet though and over a year and a half I lost 20kg’s, I wasn’t within my BMI but I was so happy with my body and that was (and still is) much more important to me.

Over the next year or so following this, the weight slowly creeped back on. I would do a “mini diet” lose a little, then gain more.

2kg on 1 kg kind of a thing

I have never let myself get to where I was back then but if I had just tried to maintain I wouldn’t have to go through all this again.

So when that milestone came up on my screen and told me I had lost 10kg that was from what I was back then. I thought no, I don’t deserve that I have only lost 3kg since starting this journey.

But I have lost 10kg, I am still no longer 102.7kg and I should be proud of that. It may have been 3yrs ago but it is still important to me. So I decided in the end to post it and show myself some compassion and remind me what I have already achieved.

“If you have done it once you can do it again”

Have a good week everyone,

Always Hungry x



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