First week and Meal Plans

I had such a great first week, which feels like a strange thing to say but I really did.

I have never been one to do meal plans. Normally I order a load of different meat and veg each week and decide that morning or evening what to make. I realised that this sometimes leads to impulse dinner choice, the OMG I really feel like something full of cheese (this happened way more then I like to admit).

So when I started back on the road to the self improvement I decided to start meal planing and so far it has worked really well. I do my online food shop on a Sunday evening ready to be picked up Monday after work, I work out what meals to have for each day of the week and voila.

I have also been able to enjoy slightly naughtier meals that work into my daily calorie allowance by adapting my other meals.

My favourite meal this week was Sunday dinner. Toad in the hole …so so yummy, lots of gravy and veg! This is something I previously would have stayed away from think it was BAD food. Now that is and unhealthy word BAD. I am planing on writing about us diets using the words good and bad for our food choices so stay tuned for that.

So how did this week go?

I lost 1.2kg 🙂

I am very happy. But a number is just a number what really made me happy was that zipping up my uniform is easier, I don’t have to stop half way and give it a tug anymore.

Roll on Week 2

Take care xx

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