First Day

Brand new day and on the road to a brand new me.

If only life was as easily and these inspirational quotes, because today was hard! the only thing that saved me was that work was super busy so it kept me somewhat distracted.

Yesterday my husband took me out for dinner, a wonderful but massive carvery (so big it was the only thing I ate all day), but the big change in food amounts made me very aware of how empty I felt today.

Still I made it through the day and now I’m fine.

I tried to drink more water today too, although so far I just seem to be weeing …ALOT!

The picture above was supposed to be all my meals today, unfortunately I was so hungry come dinner time, I ate the lot before I remembered I wanted to take a picture.

Breakfast was a light and free yogurt with chia seed – I use chia seeds as the swell in size and they help you feel fuller for longer.

Lunch was a home made beetroot and feta salad

Dinner was mini pizza, garlic bread and salad – I pre-bought pizza base but the rest was all homemade

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